Performances and Programs

Nissay Theatre has developed the following lineup of genres to satisfy the expanding interests of customers

  • Nissay Masterpiece Series

    We have provided opportunities for attending and appreciating full-scale performances for elementary school students to high school students.

  • Nissay Theatre Family Festival

    We have introduced a variety of masterpiece productions that an entire family can enjoy.

  • Nissay Opera

    We have introduced performances to broaden opera's fan base.

Nissay Theatre has the following programs to commend skilled stage technicians and to provide a training ground for prospective theatre technicians

  • Nissay Backstage Award

    We have rewarded excellent stage technicians and "stagehands" in support of the performing arts.

  • Nissay Theatre Stage Forum

    We have promoted skill improvement of stage technicians and introduced how to enjoy various plays to a wider range of audience.

Nissay Masterpiece Series

In cooperation with Nippon Life Insurance Company, the Nissay Theatre has developed the "Nissay Masterpiece Series" to invite children and young people to a great variety of genres of performances including operas, classical concerts and puppet plays for free.

Nissay Theatre Family Festival

Since 1993, our 30th anniversary, we have introduced our series of performances at reasonable prices in the hope that children and their parents will appreciate full-scale performing arts. And from 2010, we changed the name to the "Nissay Theatre Family Festival" and have introduced a wider range of family-friendly performances.

Nissay Opera

Deutsche Oper Berlin, with the opening of the theater in 1963, we have introduced the highest level of performing arts by talented opera singers and staff active in Japan and abroad.

Nissay Backstage Award

We have rewarded stage technicians who support the performing arts and excel at their craft, and "stagehands."

This award was established in 1995 in order to spotlight staff that performs services essential to stage making behind the curtain and reward their efforts and to encourage development of the next generation of stage technicians and stagehands.

Nissay Theatre Stage Forum

This forum was started for the purpose of development and support of stage technicians in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Nissay Culture Foundation in 1993. The stage settings, lighting, acoustic systems and costumes actually used on the stage of the Nissay Opera are used in this forum, and it has received a great response as a training ground where young stage technicians and "stagehands" are trained by front-line professionals.