About Nissay Culture Foundation

Nissay Theatre is operated by the Nissay Culture Foundation.

In November 1973, "Nissay Children's Culture Foundation" was established for the purpose of "providing quality theatrical performances while contributing to the advancement of our country's performing arts and culture centering on Nissay Theatre" through an investment by Nippon Life Insurance Company.

In November 1993, we expanded our endeavors to perform a wider range of fulfilling performances and changed the name to "Nissay Culture Foundation." And in October 2009, we received Public Interest Corporation Authorization by the Prime Minister, and in November 2009, we completed the organization registration to restart as "Nissay Culture Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation."

While we have performed and provided excellent high-quality work from Japan and abroad at reasonable prices since the establishment of the foundation, we have developed actors, singers, producers and stage technicians to support the next generation of performing arts and worked to broaden the number of performing arts devotees.